The University of Utah Neuroscience program puts on a symposium at Snowbird every year. This year, the symposium was the day after my birthday, so I elected to stay over at the resort where in years past I would have just gone up for the day and come home in the evenings. Maren came in time for dinner. The picture is from our hike the next morning in Little Cottonwood Canyon above Alta. It was a perfect autumn day (even with the snow on the ground).


3 Comments on “Snowbird”

  1. Linn says:

    Oh my word, I’m a huge fan of the two of you and this picture made me miss your family! Glad you had some time together!

  2. Natalie says:

    You two look so great! What’s your secret?? We used to be your neighbors, when we had it good…. We sure miss you. Looks like you had a ton of fun. We heart Snowbird, too.

  3. Heather says:

    Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


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