Sunflower Seeds

This year we participated in a community garden for the second year in a row. It’s in an empty lot in the neighborhood. We didn’t get much out of the garden besides zucchini last year, so we didn’t hold much hope for anything doing well this year. It’s just not the greatest piece of dirt. The girl thought it would be fun to have sunflowers, so we planted a packet of seeds. To our surprise, they turned out great. We had about 9 flowers grow to 7 or so feet each. Here’s L holding the largest of the bunch:

We harvested and roasted them this last week. I’m not sure Maren was too happy with me leaving a huge bowl of sunflower seeds soaking in saltwater overnight. Here are some of them drying:

And here’s the finished product. They’re pretty tasty–we made plain salted, garlic salt, and seasoning salt (seasoning salt is the most popular).


One Comment on “Sunflower Seeds”

  1. Christy R says:

    Hey! Tell L that S grew sunflowers this year too. Our tallest grew to be 11 feet!!! (We reciently posted about them on our blog; ccrobinson.blogspot.)We let the birds enjoy most of the seeds, but maybe next year we have to get your seasoning salt recipe!

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