The Girl in the Window

I read a selection from this article to my students every time we talk about brain development.  And I cry every time I read it.  It gets worse every time, too, because my little girl is now the same age Dani was when she was rescued.  Go read it, then go hug your kids.


2 Comments on “The Girl in the Window”

  1. Linn says:

    I don’t even have words for that. Just tears.

  2. Juliet says:

    This is a sad story indeed. Someone should have stepped in much sooner than they did to correct this girl and families story. I am not suprised by this story coming from Florida though…It is a crime to commit, or attempt suicide, in this state. I assume that is fine for those who and their families who die by suicide. My father attempted in that state. Not only are the families, and attempters, facing the rehabilitation from a suicide attempt. They are also facing the state and criminal charges. The state “owns” the attempter until they are deemed “cured”. They threaten overdose on medications until the attempter “drools in a wheelchair for the rest of their life” if the family continues to try to “help”. This state, Florida, is the most worthless state I have heard of as far as mental health, intervention, social services goes. Another sad part of the story goes that these humans tend to tip the scales when it comes to voting in this country. We, as people need to step in and end the insanity that is Florida and the people ruling the law there.

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