It’s a Brand New Car!

Well, not exactly new. It’s a few years old and has many miles on it, but it’s new to us. And, more importantly, it’s got enough room that all the kids are not cheek to jowl in the back seat. It’s a Volvo and it’s kind of Maren’s dream car, which is probably why she will not let me drive it.

Car shopping remains one of the least fun things ever. But it is interesting that it remains this kind of bare-knuckle capitalism where everything is negotiable and you’re expected to haggle. That’s actually kind of fun. Especially when you have the internet on your phone and you can look up the listing for that exact car on the dealer’s website and get the car for thousands less than the price that the salesman is quoting you.


3 Comments on “It’s a Brand New Car!”

  1. Natalie says:

    Beautiful! Good job haggling. I expected nothing less. (We also got a great price on our car, thanks to the magic of phone internet.) Let’s have a picture of the kids in it.

  2. Linn says:

    I don’t blame Maren. I would keep it all to myself also. I’m super jealous. In a righteous way, of course.

  3. kasey says:

    I am SO excited for you guys, don’t get me wrong, BUT i am jealous. So jealous. I have wanted a volvo s70 forever (i know that’s not what you bought, but it is still a Volvo). Congrats though 🙂

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