Robert and Christena Archibald

Robert Archibald was born in the Parish of Inverask, Coalpit County, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 13, 1810.  The son of a coal miner, he himself worked in the coal mines from about the age of 10.  He married Christena Kinghorn on November 22, 1835.  Their first son was born April 4, 1836 (I’ll leave the math up to you on that one).  Robert and Christena had 9 more children.

In 1844, Robert and Christena were introduced to the Mormon Church by her brother John Kinghorn.  Robert was baptized in March of 1845 and Christena was baptized in July of that year.  Robert was called as the President of the newly formed Harthill, Scotland Branch around 1847.

The family wanted to emigrate to Utah, and in order to raise money, the oldest son James left for Utah in 1854.  In 1860, they had enough for Robert and son George (age 18) to sail to America.  This is what Robert wrote in his journal:

This day, May 4, 1860, my son George and myself left Harthill to go to Liverpool from where we will sail to New York, America on May 9, 1860 on the ship “Packet” with William Fascott as Captain.  We have left behind us at Harthill Mother Archibald and daughters Agnes, Jessie and Mary Archibald.  I am praying to the Lord to prosper our efforts and for our deliverance from Babylon.

Robert and George worked odd jobs in the Midwest until they could borrow enough money to bring over the rest of the family.  They were reunited on July 4, 1861 and started for Utah immediately.  They arrived in Provo on September 5, 1861.

Robert and Christena, along with several of their decedents, are buried in the Spanish Fork Cemetery.  That’s their headstone pictured above (I’m guessing it’s not the original).  Here’s how they fit into my family tree (twice).  Edward Kirwan was my great-grandfather:

The names in red are buried in Spanish Fork Cemetery. We found all of their graves this Memorial Day.  More on the Boyacks later.

Robert Archibald’s journal can be found here.


2 Comments on “Robert and Christena Archibald”

  1. jenn says:

    Archibalds on both sides Brock? That explains a lot.

  2. brock says:

    Not just on both sides, but twice on this side as well. Notice that Robert and Christena are in this family tree twice. Robert’s nephew, William, settled in northern Utah/southern Idaho and my mother’s ancestor.

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