Provo Book Festival

We went to the Provo Book Festival at the Provo Library a couple of weeks ago. The library is in the old Brigham Academy, which was a boarded-up old eyesore in downtown provo when I was in college. Now, it’s been renovated and is a great library. The book fair was free, and thus hugely over-crowded (since Provoans love free stuff), but still a lot of fun.

There were various activities at the festival. There was a book give away, characters from books wandering around (K. approached Waldo and said, “I’m a big fan!”), discussion panels and book signings. Maren was excited that Shannon Hale (author of “The Goose Girl”, and “The Princess Academy”) was there. Maren had her sign a copy of “The Princess Academy” to our girls (“…who will have many adventures together”). Hale also has a couple of graphic novels that she has written with her husband (illustrated by an unrelated guy who also happens to be named Hale). K bought “Calamity Jack”, a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, and had it signed by both authors.

The above picture is of Brandon Sanderson, a sci fi/fantasy author who’s stuff I’ve read. I would have talked to him, but I think that the only thing I would have said was to please make this and this shorter.


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