Free Comic Book Day 2010

The kids and I went to the local version of the Android’s Dungeon for Free Comic Book Day the other day.  This is a ploy by the comic book industry to lure fresh meat draw new customers into comic book shops.  Judging from our response, it’s a pretty good ploy.  It was better at the comic book shop here than at the one we went to in San Diego last year.  Last year, they just had a table out with the free comic books (they print special starter-editions for the event).  Here, they had a table in the front with 3 or 4 actual comic book artists autographing their work and chatting with customers.  The picture that L is holding in the picture below was drawn for her by one of the artists, Jess Smart Smiley.  Another one of the artists (JJ Harrison) has a great web comic about LOST:  His artwork is great and the comics are pretty funny.

(L with some of her Free Comic Book Day swag)


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