The big awesome for today

I got an LCD projector for my lab as part of my start-up package.  I was planning on using it for lab meetings, presentations, that sort of thing.  That was, until I plugged it in the other day and tried to use it for the first time.  It quit almost immediately with an error about a “fan failure”.  I felt like Luke when the red R2 blows up right after they bought it from the jawas (“Uncle Owen!  This R2 has a bad motivator!”).  So, I got on the Dell website yesterday and started a chat with one of their service folks.  She had me do a couple of troubleshooting things, and then offered to replace the projector.  Just like that.  That was around noon yesterday.  When I got back to my office around noon today, there was a box from Dell sitting on my desk.  New projector, worked right out of the box.  Awesome.


6 Comments on “The big awesome for today”

  1. brock says:

    And yes, I am aware that ‘awesome’ is not a noun.

  2. Whit says:

    Brother dear, when you compare your self to a character from “Star Wars” you fall into the complete nerd category.

  3. klangfarben says:

    i wonder if Lucasfilm Ltd. trade-marked ‘motivator’ like they did with ‘droid’
    glad the projector is working out for you.

  4. What do you think about George Lucas re-doing Star Wars in 3-D? Sounds like it should be part of a Gentry reunion?

  5. Scott GEntry says:

    Sonds lke you ar now a “fan” of Dell!

  6. Natalie says:

    Nothing except awesome for Professor Awesome. Captain Awesome? Master Awesome? I’ll work on that and let you know by noon tomorrow…

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