It doesn’t do any good to save up our blog posts for December since we pack absolutely everything into the month. I’m just going through our pictures tonight and figured I’d stick everything into a mammoth post for the month. Above is L as a reindeer just before her school Christmas program. All these kindergardeners were hopped up on sugar from a party all morning. They were pretty fun.
Our anniversary is also in December.  Eleven years this year.  Maren bought me this pan as a gift so that I could make crepes.  I’m not sure if that was a gift for me or for her.
My mom started a tradition a few years ago of making gingerbread houses in the run up to Christmas.  We usually just get a kit from the grocery store (it’s easier that way).  This kit came complete with pre-mixed icing.  The icing wasn’t quite stiff enough, so the roof kept sliding off the structure.  This was especially a problem after the roof got loaded down with hundreds of gum drops.
I thought this picture was adorable.
Also in December: L’s birthday.  For part of her present, I took her to the local regional ballet’s production of the Nutcracker.  We had a pretty good time.  L is quite discerning in her ballet, apparently.  She kept critiquing the performance with criticisms like “this song is for the mice”.  I think she was done with it by the end; when the first dancers came back out for their bows, L said “Not again!”
We were lucky enough to have Maren’s sister’s family stay with us for a few days before Christmas. They were here for L’s birthday.  She and her cousin to her right in this photo are little buddies.  This is pure 6 year-old joy.
You know what they say about kids tossing aside the presents and playing with the box they came in?  Yeah.
Finally, a couple of the obligatory Christmas morning pictures.  These were a couple of the kids’ favorite gifts this year.
Hope your Christmas was as merry as ours and you have a great 2010!

2 Comments on “December”

  1. Tasha says:

    Such cute pictures! I love L’s target bag dress. We always use a glue-gun to attach the gingerbread walls and roof so that it doesn’t fall apart. You can still use the frosting to add the decorations, and it works great every year!

  2. Ruth says:

    Not knowing any better, John and Will were obsessed with the Nutcracker this year. They listened to the music all the time and had me tell them the story nearly every night. Jenn Winn took John to the ballet with Sydney’s brownie troop. I expected he would tire of it but he absolutely loved it.

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