“I am a paleontologist”

For family night last night, Maren and the kids picked up a pizza on their way to pick me up from work.  We had pizza and soda in my office and then went to the (free) Museum of Paleontology on campus.  The museum has extended hours every Monday evening in November just for family night.  It’s a tiny museum (with some really cool fossils) tucked into the corner of the football stadium parking lot.  One of the cooler parts of the museum is where you can stand and watch the students work with the fossils in the workshop at the back of the building.  They really do have a good collection for such a small place.

All yesterday evening and all this morning the kids and I have been singing this song:


2 Comments on ““I am a paleontologist””

  1. Whit says:

    E’s new favorite show on PBS is “Dinosaur Train.” She get’s mad when it’s done. We’ll have to come visit some time and go. I’m sure she would enjoy most of it.

  2. that is an awesome video. good to know about the museum. jay and i definitely haven’t been taking advantage of things like that.

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