The neighbor kid

I was riding in the car with our next door neighbor the other day as her 10 year-old son was trying to talk his way out of piano lessons:

10 year-old kid: “Mom, please can I not go to piano?”

Mom: “No.  We’ve already paid for the lesson.  You’re going.”

10 y-o: “Please?  I’ll pay for 1/3 of the lesson.”

Mom: “Nice try.”

10 y-o: “Please?”

Mom, starting to waver in her resolve: “What’s your best argument for not going?”

10 y-o: “Well, it’s just me and her in the room–alone.  Are you comfortable with that?”


He ended up going to his lesson.


One Comment on “The neighbor kid”

  1. Linn says:

    Okay, that is going to make me laugh for a really long time!

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