Here comes science

K got the new They Might Be Giants album, “Here Comes Science”, for his birthday.  (Yes, I bought it for him. Yes, I’ve already added to my iTunes.  What of it?)  It’s a cool double album–a CD with the music and a DVD with the videos a la “The Friday Night Podcast“.  The kids really like the videos and the music as well.  I think that the science is even sinking in.  This evening, L was wandering around the house singing “Cells make copies of themselves.”  That’s my girl!


One Comment on “Here comes science”

  1. I remembered your blog name! how many points do I get, 1 or 2?

    ohhhh man. the McCarthy’s are complete TMBG fans. I admit, I only have Flood, but we are big time appreciators. Glad to know we have friends to go to the concert w/ (if) when they’re in town…

    PS i’ve been meaning to comment on the green converses. turns out, i bought myself some of those about 5 years ago and wore them EVERY DAY for a couple years. they are now completely hole-ridden, but i can’t bring myself to throw them out. they’re the best. i hope yours treat you at least as well.

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