How to get rid of unsightly cords

unsightly cords, originally uploaded by brockkirwan.

This is my bedside table. I don’t think that I have more gadgets there than is reasonable, but I get frustrated with all the cords running around. I decided that I could probably hide most of them with a bit of effort.

The table is from Ikea and was a bit too short for our bed, so I added a couple of blocks cut from a 1×4 where the base connected with the table top.  This afforded a place for me to affix the extension cord.  First, though, I stapled a couple of plastic ties to the bottom of the table using a staple gun.  I discovered after I took this picture that you need a couple of staples if you don’t want things to fall out.

Next, I ran an extension cord up the main table leg and affixed it to the top with a couple of stapled plastic ties.  I then bound the cords from the gadgets to the plastic ties, being sure to allow enough slack that they can be placed anywhere on the table top.

And voilà.  One cord instead of 3.  It’s tied to the main leg of the table and plugs directly into the wall.


2 Comments on “How to get rid of unsightly cords”

  1. rvamama says:

    and i LOVE your banner!

  2. Linn says:

    I want to cry from the beauty!

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