The move (part 1)

If you look up lists of stressful life events, moving and starting a new job rank near the top. I took an on-line stress test the other day and the conclusion was that I was in for a major illness in <2 years. Luckily, my stressors are acute and won't last 2 years.

The Elders Quorum came over and helped us load our 24' moving truck on Tuesday evening. There's always a certain amount of chaos involved in moves like this. That's becoming more and more apparent as we unload and unbox things. We finished up around 9 at the apartment. "Finished" here means that Maren and I were mentally and physically drained enough that we had to quit, even though it would have taken about half an hour to actually finish cleaning the apt and load up the last boxes. Instead we went back early Wed and finished up. Then K and I climbed into the moving truck and headed North.

Maren, my sister Jenny and L were in the car and seemed to get along pretty well. We didn’t have any trouble until K and I heard a “thunk” about 45 minutes after we passed through Barstow. I pulled over and got out into the 105 degree heat to see what happened. Turns out that a bearing on the engine fan went out and shredded the fan belt. We called Maren to come back and get K and bring us a cold drink while we waited for the tow truck. Maren and the rest of the family kept on trucking to St George to visit with Great-Grandpa Gentry while I waited for almost 2 hours in the truck (with no AC) for a tow back to town.

At the repair shop in Barstow, they explained that there were two options, both of which would take until the next day. The first and better option was to order the part, fix the bearing and fan belt and send me on my way. The 2nd option was to load all my stuff into a new truck (which also had to be ordered) and then send me on my way. The people at the repair shop were also the ones who would have been moving the load between trucks in the 105 degree heat, so they had some incentive to fix the first truck. It turned out that they were able to fix it and got me on my way almost 24 hours exactly after we initially heard the “thunk”.


5 Comments on “The move (part 1)”

  1. Linn says:

    UGH! After Jacob and Cam drove across the ENTIRE country, they got within 90 minutes of Boston and a tire on the trailer behind the truck blew. They were on the side of the road for almost 8 hours until Budget got it fixed. It was bad. Really bad. I’m so sorry you had such a lovely experience! Hope the rest of the move goes better!

  2. Summer says:

    That’s so miserable. Moving is hard enough but breaking down while moving, sucks! We had that happen when we moved out to MD, though not in 105 degree heat.

    • Valerie Gathright says:

      We had something similar happen on our move to San Diego in awful August heat!! So sorry. Hope the rest went better!!

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  4. Sheri says:

    i’m still enamored that maren can drive! that’s what is most amazing to me! Ü

    glad you made it there, though!

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