Family Moving Update

So, the question we get asked most often these days is when we’re moving. The next question is usually if we know where we’re moving to. The answer to the first one is easy; July 15. The other one is also easy; no, we don’t know where we’re moving. We’re still looking for a house (to buy) and in the mean time it looks like we’ll be staying with my brother’s family. At least, that’s the plan today. A week ago the plan was to rent. We may end up living in our big tent.

Our friends threw us a going away party yesterday. It was a lot of fun. There was cake and ice cream and a pool. We would post pictures, but you don’t really want to see pictures of me in the pool, so we’ll spare you that. You’re welcome.

K’s friend gave him TEH BEST TOY EVERZ! as a going away party. I’m actually jealous of this toy. It’s a Transformer that goes from Han Solo and Chewbaca to the Millennium Falcon. Push one button and it spouts a random Han Solo line. Push the other button and it says a random Chewbaca line (of course, these all sound the same). L’s friend gave her a Disney fairy doll that is pretty cool (but doesn’t transform into anything).

The kids also got Japanese lunch boxes from one of my co-workers. They’re sort of like these, but cooler. They’re like bento boxes with foil-lined carrying cases to keep them warm. Very cool. Makes them want to go back to school. I know, they’re weird. Lucky for them, they’ll get their wish sooner in Utah than they would in California.


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