Vaccinate your kids(!)

You have every right to decide what medicines to give or not give your kids. I realize that and respect every parents’ right to choose. However, you have to realize that your choices have consequences. One consequence of choosing not to vaccinate your kids is that your kids cannot play with my kids. Not vaccinating is dangerous and irresponsible. You’re literally ruining it for the rest of us. Oh, and Jenny McCarthy is an idiot.


6 Comments on “Vaccinate your kids(!)”

  1. nicole says:

    Amen to that, brother!

  2. Whit says:

    So this has actually been the cause of drama in Dave’s family. His sister-in-law believes all of this and doesn’t vaccinate her children. They got the chicken pox a couple of weeks ago and that is when everyone found out about her choice. Needless to say myself and Dave’s other sister-in-law said we did not want our children to play together. I feel bad because they are family, but she doesn’t know all the facts and she is putting my children at risk. I’m not going to get up and leave a family function if they are there, or not go because they are there. But chances are we wont be having any play dates. My mother-in-law took her aside and got after her, as did Dave’s grandpa. Of course she is now feeling a bit hassled, and she has every right to her choice, but she has got to realize that other people feel just as strongly against her views.

  3. Sam says:

    So Steven Salzberg has several excellent posts about this (and some you-tube presentations also). You should check those out

  4. Graton says:

    I don’t understand. If your kids are vaccinated, how are the unvaccinated cousins a threat?

  5. brock says:

    The unvaccinated kids are a threat on two levels. First, on an individual level, Whit’s kid is young (and has not yet had the full set of vaccinations). Even vaccinated kids can get sick (vaccines are not 100% effective) and be vectors for the disease that will infect other unvaccinated children (i.e., infants). On a more global level, assuming that you’re protected from the disease because everyone else is vaccinated is dangerous, fallacious thinking. “Herd immunity” only works if a large proportion (>90%) of the population has been vaccinated. If everyone thinks that someone else will do it and we’re therefore safe, no one ends up being safe. These are scary, serious diseases that are no less potent just because we haven’t had widespread outbreaks in a while.

  6. Valerie Gathright says:

    A good resource I’ve found is Dr. Sears’ vaccine book and forum He’s pro-vaccine, but doesn’t subscribe to the bullying techiniques recommended by the AAP. I agree that there is a lot of paranoia out there. I’ve read quite a bit about it, having three cousins with autistic children. I also, agree that there is no scientific link between autism and MMR. However, there are alot of issues of vaccine safety which, at times are swept under the rug. One interesting finding is that there is evidence of the vaccine-related measels strain found in the intestines and CSF of autistic children. This is obviously not necessarily causal. It may be that autistic children just have a more difficult time processing chemicals and exposures that wouldn’t trouble normal children. I finally felt comfortable doing some selective vaccination after reading Dr. Sear’s book, because he researched and compared the risks of each disease, versus the risk of a vaccine-related side effect. There are risks to vaccination. They may be minute. They may be less than the risks of the disease. But they do exist. There are risks to driving my car, also, but I want to know what they are, so I can make an informed decision, not just be told they don’t exist.

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