They know things

This morning at about 5:00, K came into our room to tell us that the birds outside were making an awful racket. He was confused because it was still dark, but the birds were out. He took it to mean that it was time to get up. For some reason, we have to drag these guys out of bed on school mornings, but on weekends they’re up at (or before) the crack of dawn…


2 Comments on “They know things”

  1. brock says:

    K read this over my shoulder as I posted it. He said:
    “Do you know why we’re up at the crack of dawn? Because we hate school but we like weekends!”
    I guess you don’t want to waste a second of that precious non-school time

  2. Laci says:

    We are happy you guys wont have to give up your crazy lifestyle, cause that is what we love about you guys! We are excited that you finally got a “real” job. We are happy that things have worked out for you during these crazy times. Good luck and we will be visiting you in Utah for sure!

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