Conversation in the car

As we were sitting at a red light tonight, K (who will not be a teenager for another half a decade) asked:

“Dad, can I have my own cell phone?”


3 Comments on “Conversation in the car”

  1. What is it with the cell phone thing? Laurel has offered many scenarios in which a cell phone would be absolutely necessary — even saying she could use it if a stranger was trying to snatch her — she could just call me. Let’s hope it’s a long half-decade for both of us! Also, I think you’ll be a famous Dr. Kirwan too!

  2. coco says:

    maren–miss you! your fam is so cute!

  3. Linn says:

    I think you should get him one. What kind of mean parents would deny such a cute boy his own cell phone? I mean really.

    Hope you are all well!

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