(Top photo by me, bottom photo by Lani Wilkinson)
It’s nice to see that she just keeps getting cuter and I’m just as bald now as I was 3 years ago.


3 Comments on “:)”

  1. Hillary says:

    She is so cute. I can’t believe she’s about to have another birthday 😦 Boo for kids growing up too fast!

  2. Mickey says:

    You look like you have more hair now. Please tell us your secret…. Cute of L. We’ve loved the conversations you’ve posted. Keep ’em coming.

  3. growingupkirwan says:

    Yes, I am surprised to see that your hair is the same now as three years ago… And I thought the post-doc was hard on you… I guess it was grad school that did you in. (This also is a blow to my ‘genetic timebomb’ theory.)

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