Society for Neuroscience Convention

I’m (Brock) off to the Society for Neuroscience Convention in DC this week.  I’m only blogging about this because 1) the airport shuttle drivers are super-quick about getting you to the airport and I have plenty of time before my flight and 2) San Diego Airport has free WiFi.  This convention is huge.  30,000 or so neuroscientists packed into a convention hall.  Most of the stuff being presented is Greek to me (all about cell innards and molecules…I study stuff like behavior and MRI signals and brain structures).  At any rate, it’s completely overwhelming.  But, on the other hand, someone pointed out to me that it’s science at it’s purest.  All the big name folks in the field (e.g., Nobel Laureates) wander around the same poster sessions as the lowliest grad students, and unless you know what Eric Kandel looks like (Hint: he’s the one with the bow tie and the big grin), you wouldn’t be able to tell him from any other spry 79 year-old scientist.  Pretty cool.

[Tangent:] The above picture via Dr. Jekyll’s flickr stream.  Dr. Jekyll has an entertaining blog about doing science as a postdoc.


2 Comments on “Society for Neuroscience Convention”

  1. Marlo says:

    What!? You saw Nobel Laureates!? You lucky dog! Did you get an autograph?

  2. brockkirwan says:

    I totally could have got an autograph, but I didn’t. Kandel and my boss have written a book together and they were doing a book signing at the conference. They were sitting at a table together and I walked up and introduced myself to Kandel and told him that I was a postdoc and whose lab I was in. Without missing a beat Kandel said “Well, lucky for you!” We chatted for a minute or so more, but since I was too cheap to buy a book for him to sign, I didn’t get his autograph.

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