Undergrad, originally uploaded by brockkirwan.

L came to campus with me the other morning. Her mom had an appointment and I had a meeting, so we packed the dvd player in her backpack and caught the shuttle. I usually complain (a lot) about the undergrads on the shuttle, but for L it’s a big adventure.  She’s like a bus-riding pro.  The shuttle is actually rather convenient, once you get past all the oblivious college students.  It stops right in front of our apartment complex and goes almost directly to campus.  One nice thing (for L at least) is that the stop on campus is right in front of a coffee cart where they have $1.25 (formerly only $1) hot chocolate.  Okay, she doesn’t care that it’s only a buck, that’s just me.  Anyway, here she is with her cute backpack and hot chocolate and looking every inch of her like she could be an undergrad at any college campus in the country.  How do they get so big so fast?


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