Light pollution

Light pollution, originally uploaded by brockkirwan.


Last year I tried to convince the wife to count in binary instead of base 10 for the candles on my cake. At that time, my age would have been 11111. This year, I’ve turned the big 100000. That’s easier to do with candles (you only need one; you just make 5 holes in the cake after it!), but adding another 0 always makes one feel old. As you can see, she opted for embarrassing me with more candles. It’s super shiny in this picture because it’s a (pumpkin!) cheesecake and the spring-form pan makes a nice reflector. I think you could see it from space.  (That’s my cake in the southwest corner of the country.)

And no, the kids don’t get binary.  They think I’m just being “silly“.  Maybe we should read them Penrose the Mathematical Cat.


One Comment on “Light pollution”

  1. my dad started making us do his candles in hexadecimal quite some time ago. for binary, we always did two different candle colors, but your idea is better, i think.

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