She’s got my number

K and I went grocery shopping the other day.  Maren had given us a list, which we diligently followed (well, for the most part…I like me some red soda).  We had a bit of trouble finding everything on the list (we walked past the evaporated milk 3 times before we found it), so we were there a while.  When we had found everything on our list, I realized that I didn’t have my wallet.  Fortunately, we hadn’t yet got in line to check out, so we were able to get one of the stock boys to put our cart aside so we could come back for it.  I called Maren from the store to tell her what happened.  When she hung up, she turned to L and said:  “Your daddy is silly.”  To which L replied: “Is he even sillier than ususal?”


2 Comments on “She’s got my number”

  1. Natalie says:

    Ok. SO funny and cute. We miss you guys, and are so glad you continue to be silly. Even sillier than usual.

  2. […] no, the kids don’t get binary.  They think I’m just being “silly“.  Maybe we should read them Penrose the Mathematical […]

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