An open letter to all the undergrads on the bus

Broadway, originally uploaded by So Cal Metro.

Dear undergrads who are flocking back to campus and clogging the shuttles and busses,

The proper way to ride a bus is to 1st think about all the other people on the bus and not just about your little self with you matching backpack and converse low-tops. That means taking off your backpack so that other people can stand in the aisle behind you. And, you know that place just behind the driver when you first get on the bus where you like to stand with your backpack blocking the aisle? Yeah, everybody has to get on the bus there and we’d all like to get past you.

‘k, thanks, bye 🙂


2 Comments on “An open letter to all the undergrads on the bus”

  1. Natalie says:

    No kidding! I prize your eloquence. It’s truly so refreshing.

  2. […] and I had a meeting, so we packed the dvd player in her backpack and caught the shuttle. I usually complain (a lot) about the undergrads on the shuttle, but for L it’s a big adventure.  She’s […]

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