Really Idaho?

The peregrine falcon?  Really?  There are more imposing birds of prey to be found in the Gem State (although they are already featured on the regular quarter), and, granted, none are faster than the peregrine.  But c’mon.  Couldn’t you come up with something a little more representative of the the state’s identity, or at least a nice action scene?  Like Wyoming or Oregon.

(Full Disclosure: I’m from Idaho, so I can give her a bad time.  Comments disparaging of the 43rd state will be deleted.)


7 Comments on “Really Idaho?”

  1. Summer says:

    Why not a potato? I think that would’ve looked cool.

  2. brockkirwan says:

    I agree. Much better than the slightly creepy bird. Just look at it’s eyes (if you dare).

  3. nicole says:

    delete this

  4. brockkirwan says:

    It’s not even the state bird. That’s the mountain bluejay. (Useful things they teach you in 4th grade.)

  5. Natalie says:

    We’re moving to Pocatello. Do you condone this action?

  6. Brock says:

    Southeastern Idaho is a perfectly lovely place! Brock grew up there and Maren’s mom grew up there. That means that we would occasionally be in the area and thus, able to grace you with our presence. I think you would probably like it there…it is a really nice place to raise a family.

    Be forewarned of the mullet! Soon enough, Little Mickey and Matt will be sporting one and you will fit right in. You know what they say – “Business in front, Party in the back”.

  7. jenn says:

    how lame is right!! I didn’t know Idaho was famous for its falcons either. Must have been Larry Craig’s idea. He’s good at making Idaho respectable.

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