I can’t believe I’m missing this

According to the Eastern Idaho State Fair webpage, the opening day crowd for The Fair (yes, it’s capitalized) in 2002 was 30,000.  According to wikipedia, the population of Blackfoot, Idaho is 10,419.  You do the math.  

Also, I totally would have been at the headlining show if it would have taken place 15 years ago.


One Comment on “I can’t believe I’m missing this”

  1. brockkirwan says:

    On second thought, I would be more likely to go see Poison now for two reasons. One, watching Bret Michaels would be like watching a train wreck in slow motion. So horrible, but you just can’t look away. Two, I was an insufferable pain in the neck 15 years ago and far too cool to go see Poison.

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