This is one of the reasons we love the Olympics.  Often, at the end of the women’s swimming events, the competitors will hug and congratulate each other (the men are usually more sullen, but they’re still pretty good sports).  I wanted to stick in a picture of this happening at the end of one of the finals last night, but I couldn’t remember who the exact competitors were.  Instead, google image search has provided us with another example, here it’s the 2004 50 m free style bronze medalist Lisbeth Lenton of Australia and gold medalist Inge de Buijn of the Netherlands (Photo by Stuart Hannagan/Getty Images). It’s great to see such good sportsmanship on the international level.

In contrast, you also see some huge cry babies.  A Swedish Greko-Roman wrestler dropped his bronze medal on the mat and walked off during the medals ceremony because he was upset he didn’t win gold.  Said Ara Abrahamian: “I wanted to take gold, so I consider this Olympics a failure.”


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