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We love the olympics. It’s been really great this year to see how the kids get into it as well. K has been watching everything, but he especially gets into the team sports (he’s into the USA vs China water polo game right now). He gets how scoring works for team sports (rather than individual sports) because there are only 2 scores and they go up on the screen right away.  L liked the opening ceremony. She now says that she saw how it started so she doesn’t need to watch any more.

I really got into the olympics when we lived in Salt Lake and I volunteered as an assistant to the Hungarian National Olympic Committee (NOC). I got to hang out in the Olympic Village with the delegation leadership and go to some of the meet-and-greets that they had. It was a great behind-the-scenes look at how the individual countries work with the IOC.

We were very excited during the last summer games because we lived in Baltimore, and Michael Phelps was a home-town hero. It was fun to root for Phelps in his first medal event of these games (the 400 metres individual medley). There were two Hungarians in the final round of that event, and one (Cseh Laszlo) won silver (Hajra Magyarok!)


3 Comments on “Olympics Medal Tracker”

  1. nicole says:

    We have the opening ceremonies on dvr and that’s all the girls ever want to watch now!

  2. brockkirwan says:

    I would totally buy that if it came out on DVD

  3. […] December 18, 2008 in Uncategorized | by brockkirwan …is The Big Picture. Lots of really cool pictures (and just a hint of social commentary). They’re in the middle of their 2008 year in review series right now. Check them out. One of my favorite sets is the one from the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics (but you already know how I feel about the Olympics…). […]

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