L Kirwan: Girl of Science

When I was in grad school at Johns Hopkins, a new developmental psychology lab opened up in the department. The lab looks at some pretty cool stuff that babies can do. The University was pretty keen to do some PR for this lab, and they wanted to take some photos of babies in action in the lab. L was just the right age to participate in the study, so they posed the above photo with Lisa Feigensen and Justin Halberda, the team that heads the lab. Lisa was recently interviewed by ABC.com about some of her research and they used the shots of L in the interview. Someday, she might be as famous as her dad.
Click the picture to see the full interview (L is only on screen for about 3 seconds). You might have to endure a commercial before it actually starts.


2 Comments on “L Kirwan: Girl of Science”

  1. Papa G says:

    Such a cute little punkin! Can’t wait to get her autograph. Love you, Libby. 🙂

  2. sheri says:

    What an interesting video. Thanks for sharing it. I notice that Olivia remembers VERY well. She’s only a year and already she does many things that involve immense memory skills.

    Thanks too, Brock, about your sweet words on fatherhood & a young girl’s self-esteem. Made me cry. At least, I think it was Brock. It appears from my side that he does more of the blogging in the family.

    Love ya, Maren!

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