Sand Castles

Construction, originally uploaded by brockkirwan.

We tried to go to the library Saturday afternoon, but it apparently closes early on weekends. Since it was a nice afternoon, we decided to go to the beach instead. As we were walking toward the beach, we ran into the Knightons, a couple that we know from church, who were also just arriving. The Knightons are avid sand castle builders who invited us to join them. The picture above is the castle midway through construction.

The castle actually got pretty elaborate.  We tried for an arch (just out of the shot above), but it collapsed under its own weight, which took some of the steam out of our sails.  The tide came in just as it was cooling off for the evening, so the whole thing came down just after we left.  The really fun part of the process was all the people who stopped to chat and compliment the kids on what a great job they were doing.


2 Comments on “Sand Castles”

  1. Summer says:

    That is very cool!

  2. hey maren it was so great seeing you and your family. speaking of great…you look great. you are so cute. thank you so much for coming down and spending that wonderful weekend with us. we look forward to seeing you again in june. just wanted to let you know we have a blog now, so we are officially……cool. ha.

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