Maren & the Bay Bridge

Maren & the Bay Bridge, originally uploaded by brockkirwan.

I recently had a conference in San Francisco. I decided to go to this conference right after I got back from Hungary in February. I felt badly leaving my family for another week, so I talked Maren into coming along with me. We left the kids with our friends and had a great time.

Maren went first to visit her sisters in Sacramento for a couple of days before the conference. She caught a train to SF and met me on the first day of the conference (Saturday). When I originally booked the hotel, it was just me going so I booked the cheapest thing I could find. When I arrived at the hotel, Maren had already checked in an hour or two previously. I found her sitting in the room with her bags around her feet and the room as untouched as possible. It was a cheap hotel in a crappy part of town. We quickly went on travelocity and found a nicer place to stay. The guy at the front desk was pretty understanding. I think he knew that he worked at a dive and that wasn’t for everyone.

The weather was great the weekend we were there. It was in the mid 80s in April, which I guess is unusual for SF. It made for great sight-seeing, though. We had a grand time.

Maren left after the weekend and the conference went through Tuesday. The following Wednesday I had been invited by a friend to speak in her lab at Stanford about my research. It turns out that my graduate advisor’s graduate advisor is at Stanford and he came to my talk. He’s one of the leading experts in one of the areas I was talking about, so that was a bit intimidating. No one booed me out of the room, though, so I guess it was a success.


One Comment on “Maren & the Bay Bridge”

  1. Summer says:

    Maren, you look fabulous!

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