Swimming Lessons

Big Leap

K and L started swimming lessons at the YMCA today.  This is great because, living in San Diego, there are lots of opportunities to take a swim and knowing how is a big benefit.  L is a fish and loves the water.  She always has been.  K, on the other hand, is really nervous around the water.  He has a cautious personality to begin with and then factor in the fact that he hates to get water in his ears and it’s bad news.  I think that swimming lessons will give him loads more confidence (and more chances to play with the other kids in the pool).  During his lesson this morning, he did a great job doing all the activities like kicking his legs and blowing bubbles under the water.  He didn’t really get nervous until the instructor had the boys (there were 5 boys in his class) line up next to the pool and jump in with her catching them.  A couple of boys were in line ahead of K, and they went with no hesitation.  K kind of hemmed and hawed at first, but then he did it.  I’m kind of glad that he hesitated, because that gave me time to get out the camera and snap the picture above.  I was proud of him, but not half as proud as he was of himself.  I think swimming lessons are going to be good. 


5 Comments on “Swimming Lessons”

  1. Laci says:

    Wait, is he outside in a swimsuit? That is just not fair!
    That is fun to be in swimming lessons! Cant wait to see their skills at the family reunion!

  2. Hillary says:

    Yahoo! Go KEL!!!

  3. Amy Palmer says:

    Maren, I love your blog…. I was happy to see your great little family.

    I hope all is well…. Love you

  4. Amy Palmer says:

    You can find our blog too… palmerstation.blogspot .com
    Amy Palmer

  5. nicole says:

    Which YMCA do you guys use?

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