Trip to Hungary: Traubis

I was recently invited to give a talk at Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary.  I went out for a week last week and had a really great time.  I got to dust off my Hungarian, which wasn’t so bad, until I tried to tell people what it is that I do.  Fortunately, my talk was in English, so that wasn’t so bad.  I took loads of pictures, many of which are posted to our Flickr account.  I have lots to say about all these pictures, but I thought I’d start with this gem:This is a Traubi.  It’s a communist-era all-purpose car.  Back in the day, you had to get on a waiting list to get one of these (in one of 3 colors, off-white, green, and faded blue, seen here) and might have had to wait years to get one.   There’s a funny joke about these, but it doesn’t translate very well.  (Miert erdemes vezetni a Traubit a fanak?  Mert por se lesz belule!)  There are fewer of these around now than there were when I was on my mission 10+ years ago.  I guess they’re not built to last forever…


One Comment on “Trip to Hungary: Traubis”

  1. hahaha, i totally have a picture of me pretending to drive one of these in green. i didn’t know about the communist significance, or the color… they just felt very Hungarian to me. Kinda like the “Hungarian Red” old lady hair color. 😉

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