Cabrillo National Monument

 On Martin Luther King day, I took the kids to Cabrillo National Monument, which is here.  It was pretty cool.  It’s got great views (see below) and lots to see and do.  It’s apparently gray whale migration season, so there were some whale watchers at the top of the point (we didn’t see any whales).  There’s an old-timey lighthouse (“just like Pete’s Dragon”).   There were two tall ships having a navy battle re-enactment (“why don’t they blow up when they shoot each other?”).  There are old bunkers from when the army used the point as a defense position for the harbor (there’s even still a bunker where they had a 16″ gun…that’s 16″ for the diameter of the barrel).     


2 Comments on “Cabrillo National Monument”

  1. Laci says:

    Beautiful! sounds like a fun time. I love the Pete’s dragon lighthouse, did you clean it with rags and then turn around and shake your butt to clean the windows just like movie?

  2. Scott Kirwan says:

    Hey guys,
    Way cool about your article and work.
    Oh ya those kids are cute too.
    Are they friends? Neighbors or just strays?
    They are sure are getting big!
    PS You are no longer the son of a bishop.

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