Brock’s rambling thoughts at Christmastime

[cross posted at]When I hear the lyrics to “White Christmas”, I can’t help but think: you sap.  You clearly never had to shovel the wet, drippy snow when it first snowed, or fire up the tractor (if it wasn’t so cold that the engine block was frozen) to scrape out the driveway so you could get your car out to drive to school in the morning, or drive to school every day over roads that were covered with compacted snow (because they never really clear the back roads) from November until it finally melted into a mass of mud and weeds sometime in March.  Nope, no snow is fine with me.  Christmas is just as merry and bright without it (and judging by how folks around here drive when the roads are clear, it makes me shudder to think how dangerous it would be driving if the roads were icy).At any rate, it doesn’t matter how Christmas looks outside, what matters is that we have the light of Christ in our hearts as we celebrate His birth.  I hope that this finds you all well and you have a merry Christmas (with or without snow)!


2 Comments on “Brock’s rambling thoughts at Christmastime”

  1. Summer says:

    Lol! I heartily agree with you.

  2. It’s funny because that song always makes me think of Home Alone. At any rate, welcome to Utah- greatest snow on Earth!

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