Gingerbread and Marzipan


M. found the best gingerbread house kit at Trader Joe’s–complete with soft gingerbread (it seems like every other kit I’ve ever seen has rock-hard gingerbread), marzipan figures, trees, candy, and everything you need but the icing. We kind of went all out on the decorations, but that’s what gingerbread houses are all about.


To give you a small sample of how sugary-sweet this project was, I’ve uploaded an mp3 that just about captures it. You can get it by clicking in the box on the left.


2 Comments on “Gingerbread and Marzipan”

  1. Laci says:

    A true master piece. I have never wanted to eat the gingerbread of a gingerbread house so badly before.

  2. brock says:

    what doesn’t show in these pictures is the hole in the back wall where we did just that.

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