Fire days

Fire map

When we moved to San Diego from Baltimore, we figured that we wouldn’t get any more school cancellations due to the weather.  In Baltimore, they would cancel everything at the slightest hint of snow.  Sometimes with good reason.  Mostly, though, I thought it was over-reacting (although I did see Baltimore drivers do some crazy stuff in the snow).

Alas, we were wrong about not getting school out for the weather.  The last couple of days wildfires have raged out of control across San Diego County.  San Diego Unified School District is out (many of the high schools are being used as evacuation shelters), which means K is out of school, and UCSD and SDSU have both closed campus, which means no class or work for me either.  I never thought I’d say this, but I think I prefer the snow.  We never had the threat of evacuation when it snowed.   Before you get all worried about us, let me say that WE’RE PERFECTLY FINE.  Our neighborhood isn’t in any immediate danger from the fires, and they have not ordered any evacuations around where we live.  Our house is the green arrow on the map above.  The red is the extent of the fire and the yellow is the evacuation area.  The emergency response has been extremely well-organized and orderly, so if we do need to leave, we feel sure that we’ll be well taken care of.  My Elders Quorum President just sent out an email letting us know where we can help, so the Church’s emergency response is also up and running.

If you want more information and updates, we have found the following websites useful:


One Comment on “Fire days”

  1. BK says:

    Wow, the fire is actually a lot closer to you than I had thought. Are you wearing wet handkerchiefs around the house?

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