Rules in My Community

Rules in My Community

Our oldest, K, brought home his latest Social Studies assignment from 1st grade today. They have been discussing the various rules and laws that we have to abide by. All very good stuff for 1st graders to know and live by. Especially the first rule:

Rule No. 1

Yes, we have had incidents of this in the past.


5 Comments on “Rules in My Community”

  1. BK says:

    Wow, that’s ironic b/c that’s the rule of thumb by which I have been living for 33 years! But seriously, did you know that Jeni claims that K. is just a small clone of you? I didn’t really understand what she meant … until now.

  2. kirwans says:

    It’s a good rule to follow. It’ll keep you out of the principal’s office.

  3. Papa says:

    What a sharp guy. And hey, who knew he looked up to Uncle BK so much.

  4. Summer says:

    Too funny!
    So how long have you had this blog up and running? I saw some people had been referred to my website through this so that’s how I found you.

  5. brock says:

    We’ve only had it up for a couple of weeks. It’s something we’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to it until now, which is a shame b/c they do cute things like this all the time. Like yesterday, K informed me that today was picture day and that he wanted to be the “best-dressed kid in class.” You can’t make up this sort of stuff 🙂

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