Turtle Draw

K has been learning to code in Python. He showed of his mad skillz to his art teacher, who did a screen grab and set it to music. This is the result of their collaboration.


Quick: Salt Lake City or Beijing?

They look surprisingly similar these days…

First time skiing


Hard to believe this was her first time ever.

Q: what do you call beginning snowboarders?

A: obstacles.


Divine intervention

[Note: this was a post I found in my drafts folder. It’s an oldie (from Dec. 2009), but still cute.]

Needless to say, our kids love the snow.  They love it so much, in fact, that they pray for more snow every day.  Before family prayers the other night, Maren and I half jokingly told K not to pray for snow again.  He started off his prayer by praying that “Mom and dad will start to like the snow.”  Then he prayed for it to snow “even badder.”


Here’s K at a recent scout campout in Hobble Creek Canyon. Sorry that you can’t see his face for the shadows, but this is day 2 of the campout, so you wouldn’t be able to see him for the dirt anyhow.

Mario Mustache

I tried to grow a mustache earlier this summer. Thankfully there are no pictures of it because L puts me to shame.



The boy and I went fishing last weekend as part of the ward’s Fathers-and-sons campout. The campground was next to a little lake that is stocked weekly with trout, so the fishing was good. Good, that is, if you don’t use the lures that come with the little fishing-pole-and-tackle combo that your dad (i.e., me) bought you because he doesn’t know anything about fishing. After about 6 hours of determinedly fishing with lures the were ridiculously big and not catching anything but watching everyone around him pull fish out of the lake with almost no effort, we got someone who actually knows what he was doing to show us how to set up the hook and bait. K had success almost immediately and caught two fish in a row. He had plans for how he was going to cook them before we even got them back to the car. Here’s the result: “the tastiest fish ever”.

My main contribution to the affair was to sit next to him on the bank reading my book and humming this song.